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3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Panel Cladding Dibond

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Materials and construction of aluminum curtain
Pate curtain walls adopt high-quality and high strength aluminum plate. Itss common height is 2.0mm~3.0mm, and its model is 1100 &3003. and its state is H24. Besides its general material’s maximum dimension is 1220*2400mm, and it’s structure is composed of front – panel, reinforced rib,and angle. Front-pages is directly flexed.and then stamped to form an angle bracket; it also can be formed by riveting angle bracket on the panes’s flanging.Reinforced rib is jointed with exectric welding bolt behind plated in order to form a firm structure . So , it’s strengthens aluminum curtain wall’s strength and rigidty. and ensures it’s flatness and ability to resist wind and shock during it’s long-term use.

Light weight, water proof,anti-polluting ,fire proof, corrssion, processing performance, low maintance cost and long life. can be processed into a variety of curved aluminum and shaped, the surface can be painted with differenct colors on the wall forming a variety of beautiful patterns.

Product Name: Decorative Aluminum Panels
Materials:  Aluminum Alloy AA1100  and AA3003 series
Thickness: 1.5mm~10mm
Surface Treatment: Powder Spray Coating; PE(Polyester) Spray Coating; PVDF( Fluorocarbon Coating)
Painting: KCC, PPG, Akzo Nobel, Becker , ect.
Color: Solid color, Metallic Color, Wooden/stone color, ect.
Size: Stand size:1000mm X 2000mm; Or base on your drawing size.
Certificates: ISO 9001:2000; ISO 4001
Application: Cladding , facade, fence, wall canopy, ceiling, screen. window, balcony, privacy panel, ect.
Patterns: Any pattern can be made, just supply us your design drawing.

Product Show:

Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Install way:

Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite PanelCladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite PanelCladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Project Show:

Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Color Choose: (Color also can customized)
Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Advantages of Aluminum Wall Panel:

1.Lightweight, good rigidity, and intensity.
2.Good weather ability and good corrosion resistance.
3.Can be curved with customized patterns.
4.Three-dimensional view to match the building structure.
5.Strong Anti-seismic and fireproof performance.
6.High resistance to moisture and corrosion.
7.Coating uniform, varied color choices.
8.Not easy to stain, convenient to clean and maintain.
9.Easy for installation and cost-effective.
10.Recyclable, friendly to the environment.

Production Procedure:
Sheet metal procedure
Cutting/Blanking – Score – Incidence Angle(Punch hole, NOtch) – Bending – Welding – Burnishing – Rib Assembling – Rivet Assembling –
Polishing – Checking-Spray Coating.
Spray coating procedure
Skim – – Alkali – Corrosion-Blare-Elimination (by acid) – Chromizing – Drying – Spraying – Solidifying-Baking – Inspection.Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Packing & Shipping:

Cladding Dibond 3mm 4mm 4X8 Aluminum Composite Panel

Welcome to our factory


Q: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes, samples are free of charge. But you need to offer one courier account NO. to afford the fee for sample delivery. The delivery of samples usually takes 3-5 days.

Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer of Aluminum wall panel, we have our own factory in Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

Q: Is possible to make products for my brand?

A: Yes, it’s possible. Please give us your brand or LOGO design, then we can make the product with your brand or LOGO.

Q: What if you send me wrong size products?

A: Shop drawing will be sent to you for final confirmation before production, if we send you the wrong size products, we will replace new products free of charge.

Q: How long is your quality warranty and after-sales service?

A: Quality warranty of PVDF/Powder Coating can be up to 25 years. We also can provide small quantity panel with the same color for damage replacement that happen in installation.


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